Cannabis Insurance Program

A division of International excess providing dedicated expertise for Medical and Recreational Marijuana Insurance.


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Targeted Classes Include Coverages Available
Commercial Crops Casualty
Cultivators Property Liability
Processors / Harvesters
Crop includes:
  • Seeds
  • Seeding/Clones
  • Vegetative Plants
  • Flowering Plants
  • Harvesting Plants
  • Finishing Stock
  • Manufacturers Excess Liability
    Wholesalers Hired & Non-Owned Auto
    Distributors Cyber Liability
    Transporters Workers Compensation
    Franchisors Professional
    Dispensaries & Retailers Stock Thru Put
    Transportation Services Equipment Breakdown
    Laboratories Lessors Risk
    Property Managers Plant Material
    Landlord/Building Owners Valuable Papers
    Tobacco Retail Stores
    Garden/Hydroponics Stores
    Growing Operations, Indoor & Outdoor
    Edible Manufacturers
    Landlords leasing to Marijuana Facilites
    Smoke Shops

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